Types of structures

Types of structures

Different types of structure are required to be made with the assignment as each task is made to do in another style that is given to the student. These structures are to be followed in the assignment for grabbing the high marks. Types of structures that are given to the student are-


The essay carries a critical approach for answering the question. It requires in-depth analysis and does not require to use headings, subheading or bullet points. Moreover, headings can be used if it is duly mentioned in the assignment.


The report provides information to the reader about the topic. This makes the appropriate use of heading, subheading, bullet points, graphics, facts, figures and images.

Management report

The management report makes the formulation of the report that is given to the high authority within the organisation. The requirement of an executive summary is necessary.

Case study

The case study makes the evaluation and analysis of the case for answering the brief and questions. This requires proper attention of the student so that appropriate answers could be given.

Research paper

A research paper is made to do as per the guidelines and structure are given by the tutor as this requires to follow a specific structure for answering the questions. In-depth analysis is required in this.

PowerPoint presentation or posters

PowerPoint presentation and poster are also required to be made in the assignment to present them in the class. This requires creative work with proper understanding within the specific word count. Posters are made to make the project clear to depict the information to the reader. Our team fulfils all the requirement of the assignment by making each and every task to be done as per the guidelines following the structures. The experiences writers are well aware of each and every structure that needs to be done in the assignment for scoring high grades.