BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service

Customer-centric business leads the market place and ascertains competitive edge. It is essential for an organization to manage their customer service quality to maximize the experience of customers (Nyadzayo and Khajehzadeh, 2016). It is essential for an organization to use appropriate steps to manage quality services for customers so that work and operations facilitated in the right direction. This report is all about management of quality customer services in the context of Innovative Widgets, a firm which provides high-quality gadgets and a mechanical device to facilitate activities efficiently. This report will be going to cover a customer service plan with vision, mission, product standard, policies, and procedure with a reflection. A role play will be discussed on two bases: to handle customer complaints and identification of areas to improve the performance of a customer service team member. The company will be going to underpin different strategies to monitor progress and determine customer feedback.