Diploma Assignment

a. BBQfun has been adopting all the legislative and the regulatory procedures which are in the e-commerce strategy with all the risks implementation plans and the budgets. The management is also effective for the Human Resource Planning in the operational plans. The regulations that can be utilised in the scenario are of Safety and health regulation acts which could be an external factor. This directly as well as indirectly keep influence on the internal factors. BBQ has been maintaining the e-commerce strategies. The privacy Act 1988 and fair work Act 2009 could be applied for BBQfun. b. Few of the policies and the procedures that are adopted by the company for the purpose of conducting the market research, building the reputation for all the products and the services that were utilised for providing better customer services. The policies are also developed for effectual training and the development of management. The policies also related directly towards the operational plan and the roles that are played for the purpose of implementing the e-commerce strategies. The economic policies have been complete for the purpose of meeting with demands of customers.