Dissertation - Impact of supply logistics chain on the sales of mobile phones in Mumbai

A supply chain is one of the crucial parts of an organization which is small, medium or large in size. It is an essential aspect for an organization to properly manage supply chain activities in an attempt to maximize the customer value and acquire a competitive advantage (Mangan et al., 2016). Logistics is one of the critical aspects of the supply chain as it that includes the activities like planning, implementing, storage of goods and forward or reverse flow of goods from one place to another. All the practices that take place in the supply logistics chain are conducted primarily to fulfill the demand of consumers by making sure that the intended product is delivered in right time and in the acceptable conditions (Mangan et al., 2016). The process of supply logistics chain is integrated by various industries in an attempt to meet the altering needs of the consumers and to gain competitive environment. One such industry is the mobile phone industry whose increment in the demand has provided immense opportunities to expand its sales and profitability. The increment in the competition level, alternations that are taking place in the business environment and the need to adopt new and improved techniques for fulfilling the needs of consumers has resulted in the expansion of mobile market from national to international (Singh and Agrawal, 2018). Formulating and managing the supply logistics chain in the mobile phone industry is quite a complex task due to the presence of reduced product lifecycles, internationally connected distribution networks, changes in demand and supply and rapidly transforming technology. As the level of competition is quite fierce in the mobile phone industry and decrement in the profit margin is taking place, so it is crucial for the organizations to manage proper supply logistics chain practices in its work to gain competitive advantage. In an attempt to succeed in the mobile phone industry, companies operating in it must ensure to implement its supply chain so that it can effectively align with its corporate strategy (Ponis, 2010).