Employment Law

In the present assignment it is required to analyse and assess the variety of legislation applied to employment regulation. The same are to be studied for both the employer as well as the employee. The different types of legislations to be included are n terms or equality, discrimination, human rights, data protection and the EU regulations. The evolution of the employment law is to be presented in order to gather an understanding of the developments made under the employment legislation. The different aspect of the employment by determining the inter-relationship of the employment legislation are to be determined as well. In UK, the sources of employment law may be that of the common law, statutes and codes of practice for E U law. It may also be studied with the help of the primary legislation or secondary legislation. The common law is importantly established through the decision provided by the judges other than the statutes providing certain ground of legality of an act. It is an important part of the legal framework. Accordingly, the EU law helps in providing the employees, workers and self-employed rights enforceable in the UK courts. EU helps in developing the employment rights through the regulations and the directives. Following the regulations makes it certain that the approach towards the employment law is standard and the application is general. Directives ensure that the effect is binding however, the approach shall be decided independently by the state. (Bell, 2007)