In this assessment, there is the discussion of the case study. Natalia is going through a pregnancy. Sarah, a midwife is working in the midwifery-led antennal clinic. Natalia comes to this clinic for the trimester ultrasound test. In the test, it was found that pre-born baby is having Down syndrome. Sarah informs this report to the parent directly. The ethical issues that take place in this situation are discussed in this assessment. The issues in context with the human right are analysed in this assessment. After that, there is the analysis of a professional code of ethics that can be followed by Sarah. The laws regarding the abortion and ultrasound are investigated in this assessment. The Healthcare ethics principles are also analysed in this assessment. Ethical issue As prescribed by (Hill, et. al., 2012), it is very necessary to provide exact information about the foetus to the parent. Information is always beneficial for the parents. Information is having an implication on the future of the family. If the unwanted information is provided to the parent then it can be harmful to a family. The parent can come on the difficult decision on continuing the pregnancy or not. The ethical issue rose from the case study that Sarah is breaching important information of Natalia and Dylan to the co-workers. It is not the right of Sarah to reveal the information to any of the employees that are working in the clinic. Though one of the co-workers is involved in social welfare it is the choice of Natalia that to whom she won't disclose this information (Hill, et. al., 2012).