Innovation and commercialization

Innovation is an iterative process of doing both matching the needs and desires of the clients to the technological competencies so that they could fill the gaps of the knowledge about the product conception, design, marketing and several other processes. The commercialization has been depending on the abilities of the firms such as of Mr Daniel Green in the project so that they could establish and protect the development and along with it protect the propitiatory benefits in the marketplace. In the assignment below the difference between invention and innovation will be explained along with the value and vitality of difference to the diverse organisations and the different ways to engage with the leadership and culture. The 4p’s of innovation will be discussed and the diverse approaches that Mr Green can adopt for his Healthy juice firm will also be deliberated. The recommendations will also be provided so that Mr Green can take the sips of innovation for his innovative and high-end products that would be ruling the market for their uniqueness.