Marketing Essentials

For accomplishing business objectives, the organisation has to take help from different business functions such as human resource management, finance, accounting, production, and marketing. Out of these functions, marketing is most important because it helps the organisation in selling as well as promoting its business so that it can accomplish competitiveness over a market competitor. For the current business report, Your Destinations has been selected as it is a newly established organisation and gives core attention to its marketing activities. This organisation is a rapidly growing firm which operates its business activities into Essex and London. For having better growth and development Your Destination wants to expand its business in Aberdeen, Newcastle, and Manchester so that it can easily compete with market leader namely National Express. This report will include the discussion on different marketing roles and responsibilities that a manager has to perform. Also, it will be explained that how marketing roles and responsibilities contribute to achieving business objectives. Further, it will include the comparison between your destination and National express to determine how different organisation applies marketing mix elements. At last, there will be the development of a clear marketing plan which will help your destination in dealing with market competitors.