Organization Behaviour

The unit mainly focuses on the organisational structure and culture and their impact on the performance of the organisation. The structure and culture of the organisation refers to the beliefs and values of the organisation. All the rules and principles on which the organisation conducts its processes are based on its culture and structure. Organisation needs to take decisions regarding the approaches and the theories that are to be followed in the organisation. These theories are related to the management practices of the organisation. This unit also describes about the management approaches like scientific, classical and human relation approach. These approaches explain about the concept of leadership. Leadership means guiding employees to work in a specific manner. Leaders not only guide employees but also motivate them. There are many motivational theories like; Maslow hierarchy needs theory, Herzberg two-factor theory, ERG theory etc. The unit also focuses on the pattern of working of employees. Teamwork is the practice used by many organisations these days. It helps in improving the communication channel and in turn enhances the performance of employees as a team. We will also draw attention towards how technology has its impact on the teamwork in the following unit.