Research Proposal

In the present time, all business industries like hospitality, tourism, retail, and automobiles are attracting towards accounting functions so that they can access exact financial performance of the business enterprise in the marketplace. The current business proposal would be based on the Hilton Hotel which is one of the leading organisations of the hospitality sector nowadays. The accounting function of Hilton is helpful in different ways as it increases financial transparency within the workplace and also helps in evaluating the tax liability. For completing these research proposal different articles has been taken which provide huge information about significant of accounting in accessing financial performance of hospitality sector. This research proposal will help in determining the significance of accounting is the hospitality industry and use of accounting function in the development of financial performance. For conducting research proposal exploratory research designed has been used. For collecting reliable and valid information, a quantitative research method has been used because it provides an opportunity to directly contact with respondents. The reason behind choosing the quantitative research method is that it provides authenticate data or information which are required for a successful research proposal. At last, the collected data has been analysed by taking help of graphs.