Strategic Information System

Introduction This report contains the ways in which Healthscope Limited will be able to enhance the performance of recording and maintaining the medical records by using Centricity EMR Solution. The report contains a brief explanation of the activities processes followed in Healthscope and the list of Board of Directors has been illustrated. The business requirements have been drafted along with enumerating the detailed software specification and suitable software and vendor has been identified for procuring Centricity EMR System. In the last part, the potential security risk that can be faced by the organisation has been analysed along with listing the possible solutions for securing the data.? 1. Define business processes Healthscope is an Australian firm dealing with providing healthcare services and it has over 45 hospitals across Australia providing medical and surgical, mental health, emergency, maternity, and rehabilitation services to the patients. The organisation also manages three hospitals on behalf of Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance Group in South Australia. Healthscope also has pathology operations in Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and New Zealand. Healthscope International Pathology is the largest pathology services provider to the District Health Boards and provides veterinary pathology throughout New Zealand. In Malaysia and Singapore, it is one of the leading community pathology providers, however, the operations in Vietnam is relatively smaller when compared with other three locations (Healthscope, 2018).