Supply Chain Management

Introduction The main aim of this report is to analyse the capability and supply chain activities of the Toll Group. This report focuses on the supply chain structure of the company for the effective supply. Meanwhile, this report will identify the products and services, which are manufactured by the Toll Group. On the other hand, this report emphasizes the existing transportation and warehouse system of the company. Overall, this report mainly focuses the company products and service, distribution system, transportation, inventory and demand management. Toll Group Background The Toll group started as a business of a horse and cart coal hauling business. It was started in 1888. The founder of this business was Albert Toll. This business was purchased by National minerals in the year 1959. The Toll group is headquartered in Melbourne. This organisation is involved in the business practices of transportation and logistics. The parent company of this organisation is Japan Post Holdings. Total numbers of employees in this organisation are 40000. The three principal business of this organisation is the Global Express service, Global logistics service and global forwarding. A total number of 1200 sites are present of this organisation in total 50 countries (Toll Group, 2018). With the help of Express service, the goods of the customer are provided on the same day to the customer. This company works as a mediator between the two that is the customer and another company. The customer purchases the product from one company and the Toll group takes that product from that company and provide it to the customer. The Fright service of this organisation includes delivering a parcel of the dangerous goods and moving commodities.