In an academic career, if you are pursuing the higher studies you have to make one dissertation in an entire academic session to a meet with good grades and for conquering a degree. The study incorporates the research of specific subject and study which makes an individual understand each and every concept related to the subject. The dissertation requires in-depth research for the particular thesis or dissertation that enables their knowledge and understanding in all the aspects in an entire academic career. Making of the dissertation is difficult for the students as this makes them invest their huge time on the making up a dissertation as this carries high word count. The word count starts from 5000 to 20000 for the dissertations and that also required to do with proper and effective knowledge.

Dissertations are given to all the students in all the courses to conquer their knowledge for the entire academic session.  This required for making each and every topic to be done in an appropriate manner. The topic that a dissertation covers are-

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Dissertation - Challenges of Cyber Security

The following report is based on the study of medium and large-scale business in the UK that is facing continuous cyber-attack. The aim of the report is to find out the current challenges that these organizations are going through. Due to digitalization, the dependency on tools and technology has increased but this has given rise to vulnerabilities. There are several incidents reported in the last few years where the, as well as the organization, had to face security breaches that led to the loss of business. The UK parliament itself has been a victim of this and the report discusses various types of threats. Through the study of major threat types, the action plans can be designed and users can know if they are facing symptoms of any (Markoff and Kramer,2011). The growing dependency on the digital platform has made the information accessible for users ta fingertips and same is the case of hackers. The attackers can use the data for manipulating and this fears even terrorist activity. In the study, it was found that the major objectives of cyber-attack are either financial driven or politically driven. The legislative policies related to cyber-crime are still vague and outsourcing has increased data disruption (Maurer, 2011). The issue cannot be handled by a one-sided approach and requires the joint effort. Despite digitalization been globalized, there is no global agreement for attackers. Several incidents of cyber-crime that have occurred in the UK have been discussed in the study with an intention to make the researcher aware. The ransomware keeps multiplying in multiple organizations. The real challenge lies that the strong organizations are not ready to accept the loopholes whereas it is extremely necessary to do the same for coming with a strong policy. The risk associated with business has been further divided into organizational vulnerabilities the challenges that can be addressed by improving the organizational efforts and human vulnerabilities that can be prevented through human actions. The 8 threats discussed are the most frequent and common attacks (Kharraz et al, 2015).

Dissertation - Impact of supply logistics chain on the sales of mobile phones in Mumbai

A supply chain is one of the crucial parts of an organization which is small, medium or large in size. It is an essential aspect for an organization to properly manage supply chain activities in an attempt to maximize the customer value and acquire a competitive advantage (Mangan et al., 2016). Logistics is one of the critical aspects of the supply chain as it that includes the activities like planning, implementing, storage of goods and forward or reverse flow of goods from one place to another. All the practices that take place in the supply logistics chain are conducted primarily to fulfill the demand of consumers by making sure that the intended product is delivered in right time and in the acceptable conditions (Mangan et al., 2016). The process of supply logistics chain is integrated by various industries in an attempt to meet the altering needs of the consumers and to gain competitive environment. One such industry is the mobile phone industry whose increment in the demand has provided immense opportunities to expand its sales and profitability. The increment in the competition level, alternations that are taking place in the business environment and the need to adopt new and improved techniques for fulfilling the needs of consumers has resulted in the expansion of mobile market from national to international (Singh and Agrawal, 2018). Formulating and managing the supply logistics chain in the mobile phone industry is quite a complex task due to the presence of reduced product lifecycles, internationally connected distribution networks, changes in demand and supply and rapidly transforming technology. As the level of competition is quite fierce in the mobile phone industry and decrement in the profit margin is taking place, so it is crucial for the organizations to manage proper supply logistics chain practices in its work to gain competitive advantage. In an attempt to succeed in the mobile phone industry, companies operating in it must ensure to implement its supply chain so that it can effectively align with its corporate strategy (Ponis, 2010).

Research Proposal

In the present time, all business industries like hospitality, tourism, retail, and automobiles are attracting towards accounting functions so that they can access exact financial performance of the business enterprise in the marketplace. The current business proposal would be based on the Hilton Hotel which is one of the leading organisations of the hospitality sector nowadays. The accounting function of Hilton is helpful in different ways as it increases financial transparency within the workplace and also helps in evaluating the tax liability. For completing these research proposal different articles has been taken which provide huge information about significant of accounting in accessing financial performance of hospitality sector. This research proposal will help in determining the significance of accounting is the hospitality industry and use of accounting function in the development of financial performance. For conducting research proposal exploratory research designed has been used. For collecting reliable and valid information, a quantitative research method has been used because it provides an opportunity to directly contact with respondents. The reason behind choosing the quantitative research method is that it provides authenticate data or information which are required for a successful research proposal. At last, the collected data has been analysed by taking help of graphs.