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Inter networking Technology

The concerned project has been organised and planned in a manner that will help in fulfilling the business and technical requires that can be met by refining the techniques of designing and planning. The aim of the project is concerned with preparing and presenting a network design proposal in order to assist hospitals in providing internet facilities available to the patients as well as doctors (Edwards, et. al., 2013). The project will discuss about the various specifications of different network devices. The network design propose here will help in assessing the requirements of the project. Thus the basic requirements related with design of network are discussed in this report. In designing the network use of routers, switches and nodes has been taken. The screenshot has been taken to note down the results.

Management of Information Technology

The aim of the given report is to have an in depth analysis of the Information Technology fundamentals and also understand its management. The topic that will be covered under this report is the training of IT employees. With time, every industry and business is shifting to the use of information technology to improvise their products and services and make better profits. But inculcating information technology in the system is possible only when the employees of an organization are well aware of how the IT system works and how they have to adjust according to the changes that occur. For this purpose, training must be provided to the employees so that they can learn more about the field of information technology and render better performance. This not only enhances the knowledge of the employees but also increases the profits of the organization as enhancement of the knowledge of employees would improvise their performance which in turn would lead to increased profits. A mind map for the given report is provided which would help in having an overview of the contents of the report.

IT - Report

This report is dependent upon a case study related to the UWS Technical Services Decision Making. An appropriate approach will be used in this report in order to structure and analyse a complex decision-making issue. The analysis of the tool along with its proper evaluation will be provided in this report. It helps in facilitating the efficient making of decisions and helps in analyzing and evaluating the analysis better. There are different tools that can map the decision-making capabilities in order to solve the issue related to the UWS Technical Services. The suggestions for the improvement are given to the manager on the making of wrong decisions. The significance of decision analysis will be provided with this report and there are some uncertainties related to the solving of problems that would also be shown-up in this assignment.